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Flat fee of 1% and no set-up charge.

We’re aware that there are a number of CSS firms out there who are charging up to 5% plus set-up fees to use their CSS. If you’re paying more than 1% of your shopping spend, you should strongly question why.
Our policy is simple and transparent – a flat 1% fee (+VAT), no set-up cost, no minimum fee and the lightest possible contract. There is little evidence of any commercial benefit to being on one CSS versus another. If you’re paying more than 1% then you’re wasting money that would be better used to advertise and sell your product.
Our fee is so low because we don’t believe you should pay through the nose for a service that doesn’t require active management from us. This isn’t a managed service and you can use our CSS alongside the paid advertising agency you currently work with. To discuss getting set up on our CSS, get in touch below.

Call our CSS Team on 01225 58 38 38 or email css@search-star.co.uk