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Comparison Shopping Services

In 2018, Google was fined $2.7 billion for unfairly favouring its own comparison shopping service: Google Shopping. Following this EU antitrust ruling, Google is actively encouraging non-Google comparison shopping services to compete within Google Shopping.

Non-Google CSSs are currently able to buy Google Shopping at wholesale rates that are 20% less than the same inventory via Google Ads.

SearchStar have been approved as a CSS provider to help diversify shopping and allow businesses to make savings on their Shopping Ads. We’ve been chosen by Google for this scheme for our commitment to Google Shopping and knowledge of campaign management.

What This Means for You

Currently, when you spend £1 on Google Shopping you’re actually bidding 80p for the advertising space and giving 20p to the Google sales team.

The Comparison Shopping Scheme cuts out the sales team and enables you to pay only the 80p. You can only gain access to this benefit by purchasing your advertising through an approved Comparison Shopping Site (CSS) such as ShoppingStar.

Will Anything Change?

There are no changes to the way you run your Google Shopping ads if you use a CSS – you can even stay with your current digital advertising agency. All activity is managed through Google Ads and there are no significant changes to your settings.

The only visible change is that your advertising will be linked to a CSS Merchant Center. That means that the link in the advert will change from ‘by Google’ to the name of the CSS you choose to use.

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